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Landlords have an absolute duty under the LAW to maintain gas installations and appliances. If they fail in this duty, you should contact your local Health & Safety Executive office.

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Attention ALL Landlords:
In 1996 the government made LAW that all landlords who rent part, or all of a property, must have all gas appliances and pipe work checked and a certificate to prove it every 12 months.

If you are a landlord with your gas appliances unchecked, call us today for your Landlords Gas Safety Certificate (CP 12).
  • Check appliance for gas soundness.
  • Check standing and working pressure if test points available.
  • Check burner pressure / gas rate against manufacturers data plate.
  • Check for satisfactory provision of all necessary ventilation.
  • Test flue flow to ensure removal of products of combustion.
  • Check satisfactory operation of all the flame failure devices.
  • Check for physical stability, presence and effectiveness of stability brackets
  • Investigate any evidence of unsafe operation and report to a responsible person

For a Landlords Safety Record inspection a soundness test of the full system should be added to the above

An appliance can not be deemed as having been checked, until the above has been completed